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Bramon Garcia Braun Studio

Steve Braun is an LA-based actor and acting coach who teaches at Bramon Garcia Braun Studio. At BGB Studio, Steve helps actors of all levels add their unique voice to the world of a play. Steve coaches actors to quickly interpret the strange and often confusing notes given in an audition room and then satisfy the requirements of those notes through the filter of their own unique voice. Visit the Bramon Garcia Braun Studio website.


Two important points:

1. You don’t learn to act by sitting in a class room listening to a teacher blather on about the craft. You learn acting by getting up on stage or in front of a camera and acting.

2. No actor working in film and television has the luxury of workshopping a scene with a scene partner for three months. When you book that guest spot on CSI or that series regular on the new ABC half hour, you have a matter of short hours to learn your lines, make strong choices, and know what you want from your scene partner. Sometimes less.

If you’re not actively working towards sharpening your unique instincts, creating a strong preparation in a short amount of time and undoing the damage of the daily plastic smiles and meaningless “I’m-fine-how-are-you’s” that keep actors from creating meaningful human connections, you’re sunk.

Acting The Truth acting classes with Steve Braun are more like training at a gym than at a theatre school. Meisner-based, cold reading classes include multiple rounds of the Meisner Repetition Exercise, contemporary scenes performed three or so times with multiple adjustments and brief, inspiring discussions about the work and the business.

With relatively small class sizes, everyone works multiple times, every class.

Classes are held Tuesday nights at 7:30pm at the Whitefire Theatre in Sherman Oaks, CA.

Classes cost $220 per month.

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