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Bramon Garcia Braun Studio

Steve Braun is an LA-based actor and acting coach who teaches at Bramon Garcia Braun Studio. At BGB Studio, Steve helps actors of all levels add their unique voice to the world of a play. Steve coaches actors to quickly interpret the strange and often confusing notes given in an audition room and then satisfy the requirements of those notes through the filter of their own unique voice. Visit the Bramon Garcia Braun Studio website.

Power To The Actor

Posted on: September 6, 2011 in category: Steve's Blog

If we're being honest, most of us read a breakdown and automatically think, "How can I give them everything they've described so they'll hire me?" Actors are so quick to give up their power and become creative lap-dogs whose sole purpose is to pull positive feedback from someone in the industry.  If you are an artists- and I believe you are- why wouldn't you want to bring your unique experience to the table AND give them what they want? Most actors are so busy trying to be an "Angelina Jolie type", "Ryan Gosling type" "sweet but sexy in an unassuming way" or whatever other crap is written in the breakdowns, that they forget to have a personal, human experience in the audition room that resonates with the reader, the casting director or whoever else is in the room. Angelina Jolie and Ryan Gosling didn't get where they are by being anyone else. Neither should you. Don't give up your power. Your voice is a unique one. SB

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