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Bramon Garcia Braun Studio

Steve Braun is an LA-based actor and acting coach who teaches at Bramon Garcia Braun Studio. At BGB Studio, Steve helps actors of all levels add their unique voice to the world of a play. Steve coaches actors to quickly interpret the strange and often confusing notes given in an audition room and then satisfy the requirements of those notes through the filter of their own unique voice. Visit the Bramon Garcia Braun Studio website.

Praise for Acting The Truth

Check out what folks have to say about Acting The Truth with Steve Braun...

  • "Steve makes your work more specific, unique and true to you. He allows you to be vulnerable in a safe and encouraging environment. As an actor or artist this kind of continuous development is priceless." -Chantel Giacalone

  • "The Acting the Truth Workshop with Steve Braun is like finding out how to truly just BE. And it's from that spot that you feel comfortable enough to take risks and speak lines from the heart; it's how beautiful acting comes out naturally! This technique has helped me in life as well as in my ability to be a more truthful actor. Thank you Steve!" -Aisha Alfa

  • "All of my acting friends ask me what I do to book roles. My answer is KEEP IT REAL be in this moment. It was the Acting the truth workshops with Steve Braun that helped me get there. The workshops have helped my confidence and self esteem. One of the things Steve always tells us is that “we are enough.” He does all this and makes it fun and safe, too!!!!! THANK YOU STEVE !!!!!!! MY LIFE AND MY ACTING HAS BEEN CHANGED IN MANY WAYS." -Mitchell Kummen

  • "Steve Braun's Acting the Truth workshops are absolutely wonderful and extremely beneficial for actors. We are safe to express our truth and come from an authentic place which, in turn, makes our work more believable because we ourselves believe it and feel it. I highly recommend Steve Braun's workshops and coaching...." -Lindsay Maxwell

  • "This work has helped me develop and acknowledge the knife edge emotional responses, that represent the truth of each moment in both Acting and Life. I am not fortunate enough to have Steve based my city, however I take his workshops whenever he comes to town and even travel to take them. This work never gets boring and is truly magical." -Adrian Neblett

  • "Acting the truth is such a beneficial class for anyone who is serious about acting. Steve knows what you are thinking and feeling sometimes before you think and feel it, and keeps you truthful in your work at all times. I highly recommend the class and Steve." -Justin Kornmann

  • "Steve Braun's workshop brings a fun and honest approach to learning the craft of Acting. You get a chance to be real with yourself. He encourages you to always be open and honest with the feelings that are there at that very moment. Steve is generous with his time and committed to his students. Thank you so much for everything that I have learned about myself, Steve." -Cindy Myskiw

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